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World-class whey protein concentrate & dairy product solids

Agri-Mark Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Dairy Product Solids (Whey Permeate) are manufactured at the cooperative's cheese manufacturing plant located in Middlebury, Vermont and sold worldwide. This is one of the few USDA FOOD grade manufacturing facility of WPC and Whey Permeate east of Wisconsin. We steadily invest in new equipment at our facilities to ensure that we are making the best consistent and dependable quality products possible for our customers. Agri-Mark strives to be the most sustainable dairy cooperative in the United States and is the world's first B Corporation Certified dairy cooperative.

All of the milk used at Agri-Mark's three cheese manufacturing facilities is Grade A, the highest USDA quality standard for fluid milk in the USA and is rBST/hormone free.. The plant processes whey from only the cooperative's cheese plants - it does not process any whey manufactured at plants not owned by Agri-Mark. This ensures most of the condensed whey solids are processed and in dry powder form within 8 hours or less of cheese manufacturing.

The Middlebury facility is approved by USDA, European Union, Kosher and Halal authorities.

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Dairy protein products

Agri-Mark manufactures Nonfat dry milk and buttermilk powder at our West Springfield, MA plant, USDA #2518. We supply low heat, medium heat and high heat dry milk primarily in eastern U.S. markets. Buttermilk power is sold primarily as an ice-cream application. Agri-Mark exclusively markets these products through Dairy America, an association of producer-owned dairy cooperatives.

Whey and dairy protein product distribution

Whey and Dairy Protein Product Distribution

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