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Agri-Mark legislative and education committee

Farm bill

We are pleased that Congress has passed the Agriculture Act of 2014. The Farm Bill sets the nation's food and agricultural policy and provides crucial farm and agricultural programs, which account for approximately 20% of the funding for the total bill. The remainder is used to support national food programs such as food stamps, school meals and the women's, infant's and children's (WIC) feeding program.

For dairy farmers, who have endured the most volatile economic conditions in recent history, the Farm Bill represents a safety net for their way of life and is crucial in being able to manage their farms' future.

Animal health

As cooperative members and owners, Agri-Mark family dairy farms are enrolled in a program called FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management), whose goal is to demonstrate and verify that milk producers are committed to very high standards in animal care. In addition to the program, Agri-Mark employs 20 field representatives who make regular visits to our farms and work with them to ensure high milk quality and excellent animal care conditions.

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Finding reliable hired labor for the farm is one of the most difficult aspects of agriculture in general, and dairy farming in particular. Many American dairy farmers use foreign-born workers to supplement family labor when other workers are not available. We are fully supportive of Congress's efforts to provide farmers with a talented, dependable and year-round workforce.

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