Agri-Mark is a Dairy Farmer Cooperative that Markets its Members Milk in Many Innovative Ways.

Agri-Mark was formed in 1980, but its cooperative roots trace back to 1917 with the formation of the New England Milk Producers Association. Agri-Mark merged with Cabot Creamery in 1992, ensuring that Northeast dairy farmers would continue their ownership of a valuable brand name -- Cabot. Aged Vermont cheddar cheese and fresh butter top the list of Cabot's best selling products.



Agri-Mark serves dairy farm families whose farms are located in all six New England states and throughout New York. These dairy farmers produce 2.7 billion pounds of milk each year.

Agri-Mark members are paid for all the fluid milk they supply to the cooperative. Agri-Mark then markets this milk under the Cabot brand name or to more than 75 dairy product dealers throughout the eastern United States and returns the profits to the members



The cooperative owns and operates two cheddar cheese plants in Vermont and one powder/butter/condensing plant in Massachusetts. In addition to providing value-added dairy products, these facilities also even out seasonal milk supply/demand imbalances in the market, helping to increase pay prices to all Northeast farmers

Agri-Mark markets roughly 40% of all the milk in the New England Market for its members. About 25% of this volume is marketed under the co-op's Cabot brand name, with the rest being sold to fluid bottlers and manufacturing customers

The cooperative had 2001 sales of $625 million, and has more than 500 employees in New England. The Boston Business Journal consistently ranks Agri-Mark among the 25 largest privately held corporations in New England, based on sales dollars.

Agri-Mark has the largest staff of milk quality specialists of any milk handlers or processor in the Northeast. Our field representatives work daily with farmers to ensure that they comply with all federal, state, and co-op regulatory rules and produce only premium quality milk for consumers